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according to The Sue ’ s Story Project website , but it receives a fraction of the research funds . The Sue ’ s Story Project fund raises money for a research fellowship in partnership with Stanford University to “ to identify novel markers of Lewy body dementia ,” which is difficult to diagnose .
“ Sue is very brilliant ,” Tate said , who has become friends with Berghoff after her dementia diagnosis . They communicate in words and pantomime , and Tate admires the lengths Sue goes to in order to get her message across .
But Tate doesn ’ t stop there . She ’ s also the chairman of the advisory council for St . Louise Hospital , helping to raise awareness of the changes to the hospital now that it is a county-run facility . “ It ’ s truly amazing what they ’ re being able to offer now and what they will be able to offer in the future .”
If Tate gets asked about her husband , Steve Tate , former Morgan Hill Mayor for 12 years and a public servant in some
capacity for 27 , she ’ ll likely tell you to talk to him yourself . “ This concept of ‘ behind every man is a great woman … nope . We walk side by side . I would never tell him how to do his job and he would never tell me .”
While Steve has been a very public face , Jennifer tends to prefer the sidelines , out of the limelight . This is particularly helpful in today ’ s often divisive climate over everything from politics to the coronavirus .
“ I learned a long time ago that when negative comments are made , it ’ s not really about the person they ’ re directing the comment to . You do what is passionate for you . If somebody says things about me , people I care about know me and will not accept that . Actions speak louder than words .”
In the meantime , she sticks to doing what makes her and others happy . “ I ’ m perfectly capable of lightening somebody ’ s day and making them smile .”
OPPOSITE PAGE : Jennifer Tate “... runs silent , runs deep ...” and dives into the causes she supports with full passion and skill . She tirelessly works to help the Morgan Hill community and south county through advocacy , fund development , and by lending her expertise to organizations in various ways . ABOVE : Jennifer strikes a pose on the Morgan Hill Rotary Peace Bridge , adjacent to the Third Street Creek Park
GET INVOLVED : Now more than ever , local non-profit and community groups need volunteers , expertise , advocates , advisors , and fundraisers .
Jennifer ’ s favorite causes might be a great place to start :
- Community Solutions : communitysolutions . org / ( 408 ) 842-7138 - Sue ’ s Story Project : thesuesstoryproject . com / our-project / get-involved - Edward Boss Prado Foundation : edwardbossprado . org / ( 408 ) 778-7411 - Leadership MH : leadershipmorganhill . org / info @ leadershipmorganhill . org - Morgan Hill Historical Society : morganhillhistoricalsociety . org /
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