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Pulido with their bikes while she was rollerblading . Crashing to the pavement she landed on her shoulder and broke her clavicle . Pulido spent the next five months in a body brace .
“ I couldn ’ t move , I couldn ’ t sleep ,” Pulido said , adding , she had to pull out of all of her contracts . “ I remember going through the biggest test of my life thinking , why ? I had to really dig deep .”
When the brace was removed Pulido couldn ’ t even raise her arm , but she returned to the place that inspired her , the gym . Looking back , she ’ s grateful for that experience because it kept her on the path she was meant to be on . Since opening Pulido ’ s Pro-Fitness in 2007 , every person who walks through the doors , no matter how long they stay , is considered family .
Even the pandemic couldn ’ t stop her . After the mandated closing of the studio , Pulido offered her students Zoom and outdoor classes at Gilroy Sports Park . But she didn ’ t stop there . “ I would go to people ’ s houses , train outdoors in front of their houses , and do Taekwondo in their yards ,” she said . I had to find ways .”
Lucy Accornero , 56 , a participant in the online Zoom classes , appreciated Pulido ’ s staying power . “ She really brought all the students together , and that was my social interaction , her class ,” Accornero said .
Even with all of her efforts , Pulido still lost sixty percent of her students . “ That was the most painful thing , these are like my kids , they ’ re like my children walking away ,” Pulido said .
Despite her losses , Pulido powered on and entered this year ’ s Ms . Health and Fitness magazine competition . “ If you don ’ t take that next step , you ’ ll never get to the top ,” she said . Although she came in second place , Pulido still feels like a winner . “ Look at all the support I got ,” she said . “ My students all believe in me , the parents believe in me , everybody that I know in this town , and my mom , that ’ s all I need .”
PHOTOS - 29 Time World Champion Linda Pulido dedicates herself to teaching her students of all ages life lessons thru Martial Arts .
Since opening Pulido Pro Firtness in 2007 , she has built a community family of students , parents , and fitness patrons . Her no-nonsense approach to Martial Arts and life creates confidence in her students , builds respect and trust , and creates a safe place for challenge and growth .
To inquire about lessons or private sessions , Stop by or call Linda at : Pulido Pro Fitness : 30 3rd St , Gilroy , CA 95020 / 408-846-9860
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