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Snacks Time :

Snacks Sanchez
Snacks is a seven-pound silkie Yorkshire terrier with the attitude of a 100- pound pit bull . Formerly known as Mia , she is a recovering rescue dog who found her new and loving home in 2013 when she was unexpectedly dropped off at her new mom ’ s place of work . Her new dad — a seasoned empty nester , was not a fan initially . A sixyear battle of wills ensued , which Snacks eventually won . In the process both Snacks and Dad gained a clear understanding of who the real Alfa in the pack was — Mom .

W elcome to my favorite part of

this magazine ... my article ! Once again , it ’ s “ Snacks Time .”
I hope you and your humans are enjoying my column thus far — I know I am enjoying writing in human ! In this article I am going to share the cool things I ’ ve been doing this Summer . I ’ ve been busy !
Life is Rough : My main job is to keep the house , and my humans , in chaos . It ’ s hard work . One thing I get to do is run outside through my doggie-door into the back yard and bark as loud as I can , for as long as I can . Of course , I follow that up by running back into the house barking as loud as I can , then repeat the cycle . I am pretty certain my humans can train it out of me , but I hope they don ’ t . I get so tired from the running and barking that sometimes I can sleep all day . That ’ s a win !
Running With the Big Dogs :
Speaking of running ... what ’ s the bid deal ? I like my big dog pals Murphy and Snoopy . However , why would any self-respecting little dog like me ever choose to run with the big dogs when I can fit into a purse ? I mean , if ya gotta go ... go in style !
Mom picked up this “ Snack-size ” backpack / purse thing and lately , she loves to put me in it when we ’ re out walking around . Call me a diva , but I ’ ll take that ride any day . I ’ m not sure why anyone would want a purse that big , but so far I ’ d say its working out in my favor !
Speaking of mom , I ’ m pretty sure she tried to drown me the other day . I was minding my own business when she grabbed me out of my cushy comfy pillow top bed and put me in the kitchen sink ! I ’ m like “ Whoa . what ’ s going on here ?” She doesn ’ t speak my dialect of diva so she ignored me . Suddenly the water turned on and she held me under while she lathered me up with this amazingly awful soap . it was torture .
I thought it would never end , so I was getting ready to jump . Then ... just llike that it was over . Ahh ... survived another day . As

My Dog Days of Summer

soon as I got my feet on the ground I bolted for the back yard . I had some barking to do . And , I had to roll around in the grass and dirt to get that awful smell off me ! As soon as that mission was accomplished , it was time to head to Home Depot . I have no idea why we go there . But I always get to ride the carts . Just another perk when your a little dog and kinda cute .
Well , that ’ s all for now . I have to go create some chaos . I ’ ll get the humans to drop in some photos of my latest adventures . Gotta run !
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