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- Debbi and Mike
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Spring is here ! Well , kind of . It seems old man Winter just keeps hanging around , complete with buckets of rain and snow , fierce winds , and bone chilling cold . We ’ ve had a few glimpses of what spring will look like with a few warm sunny days in February , so there ’ s hope ! We just need to hang on a little longer and before we know it , flowers and produce will be in bloom all around us . Thousands of blossoms will begin to pop like little kernels of corn and bring vibrant colors to our tree lined streets , and all those puddles will dissipate / evaporate allowing us to use the crosswalks at intersections again .

In early March , we had blizzards and white outs in the Sierras and a tornado warning from Moss Landing to Hollister . A tornado warning … in California . I thought we long ago bargained for an earthquakes-only state , and our friends in the deep south and along east coast agreed to take on the tornadoes , hurricanes , blizzards , and floods . We on the Left Coast were supposed to be “ shaken ” not “ stirred .” When did this all change ? I must be falling behind . Maybe it ' s some kind of conspiracy . I am not a conspiracy theorist . Okay , yes I am . But I have also been noticing a few local conspiracies lately .

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First , there is a conspiracy of great people working hard to make Gilroy ’ s downtown district better every day . This includes the Gilroy Downtown Business Association ( GDBA ), whose been making plans for their “ Heart of Gilroy ” Art and Wine Walk Summer Music Series , and several other events this year . It also includes Emily McEwin Upright of 6th Street Art Studios who is getting ready launch the 2024 3rd Friday Art Walks , starting Friday March 15th ( 5-8pm ) downtown . It includes the folks at CMAP TV who are planning " Open House Fridays ," movie nights , open mic nights , and live music events . Local pubs , eateries and small businesses are in on this conspiracy too . The latest to join this conspiracy is none other than Gilroy ’ s Dave Leal who is just days away from his grand opening of the new bowling alley downtown . Gilroy Bowl is destined to be the hot spot for fun , food , and good times .

Next , mention anything good in Morgan Hill , and the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce has its fingerprints on it . Nick Gaich , Chamber CEO , is at the forefront of Morgan Hill ’ s Workforce Development Initiative , also championed by Mayor Mark Turner . The Chamber will be kicking off their Summer Music Series before you know it at the Community Center Amphitheater . Co-conspirators with Nick and Mark are the good folks who put on the weekly Farmers Market at the 3rd Street train depot , the organizers of Sidewalk Saturdays — happening the 2nd Saturday of the month April-December , and the 4th Saturday Downtown Street Event Series kicking off later this year . more stories @ gmhtoday . com

There ’ s lots more going on throughout the South Bay . You can check out our things to do article in this issue or visit our website to get the latest info . Want to join this conspiracy of good ? Send us an email and we ’ ll get you connected so you can “ Go . Make history !” right here in your
community .
- Debbi and Mike