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Kids of Summer ' 22

Gryphen Dietz has been dancing for six years . The seasoned eight-and-a-half-year-old lives in Morgan Hill with her mom and dad , Gin and Aeron Dietz , and brother Maverick , 5 . She studies her craft at Lana ’ s Dance Studio . A soon-to-be third grader at Paradise Valley Engineering Academy , Gryphen finds joy in dance .
" I love dancing because the music and movement make me happy ! My favorite part of going to Lana ' s Dance is seeing all of my dance teachers & friends every day at practice . I can finally do a double turn !"
Gryphen was part of a Lana ’ s Dance Studio contingent that recently competed in a week-long nationals event in Anaheim , CA . The team won six awards and placed top in the Novice categories of Tap and Jazz . At the end of the competition week the team was honored to be invited to perform for the Showcase competition on the final day .
Gryphen just completed her first year of team competitive dance . The team is called the Rookies . However , with six years under her belt , Gryphen is far from a rookie . Ready for next season to start , she hopes to dance a solo someday soon . Other future dance goals include learning a Lyrical dance routine and perfecting harder moves .
“ I ' m now working on a triple turn !"
in San Martin , Beach Days with the Explorers Co-op , and Kids Day Camp at Morgan Hill Bible Church .
When not playing flag football , Shay loves gymnastics , building with Legos , riding bikes , singing , jumping rope and hula hooping . Ella shares Shay ’ s love for gymnastics . She also loves drawing , styling hair , dancing , and spending time with the family ’ s dogs .
Justice Mull is a seven-year-old and will be starting second grade at Pacific Point Christian Academy in Gilroy this year . Parents Kristen and Ryan Mull are broker owners of The Realty Society in Gilroy . Justice has three siblings : Legend , 25 , Dreamy , 14 , and Lovely , 12 .
Justice has logged three seasons of baseball and is constantly improving his skills and knowledge of the game . This past season , he hit the ball in all but one plate appearance . That ’ s an incredible feat at any age .
When he ’ s not playing ball , Justice loves spending time with his family and sisters . His hobbies and interests include creating caricatures . Dad shared that Justice has many ideas for video games and / or fantasy-like creatures .
Mom shared that Justice loves baseball because of the camaraderie and time spent with friends . This summer , Justice has been enjoying swimming and learning to ride his bike . He is a passionate learner and loves academia . With his creative ability , athleticism , and his love for learning , Justice Mull is a triple threat destined for great things on and off the field . ( continued )
When not dancing , Gryphen loves drawing , singing , playing piano , doing gymnastics and much more .
Shay and Ella Gamble , seven-year-old twin sisters from Morgan Hill , are members of the first-ever all-girl flag football team in the Gridiron flag football league . Shay loves flag football , summing it up with “ it ' s fun !”
She loves throwing and catching but her favorite thing to do is to run with the ball . Ella loves flag football because , “ it ' s fun and I get to spend time with my friends .”
The sisters Gamble have plenty of plans during the off season . Their Summer plans include going to Hawaii for the first time , attending Family Farm Camp at Windsor Family Farm
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