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Karen La Corte
Karen is an etiquette and manners expert certified by the Emily Post Institute in Vermont . She is the incoming board president of the Gilroy Foundation , and supports several community non-profit organizations . Send your questions to : karen @ marxtowing . com

Your Life , Your STYLE

Spice Up Your Fall

Fall is the time to spice up your wardrobe , your home , and your state of mind . Embrace this fun season and make it feel like a holiday every day . Everybody is busy , so give yourself permission to start your day on a relaxed note . Next , make a short list of what you want to accomplish on this beautiful day . Keep it to no more than five things . Then , get in that shower for the day : your day , your way .

Now that you ’ ve got your head straight , you can deal with the kids , the dog , and any other morning chaos . Next , let ’ s talk about your wardrobe . Think about what you have and what you need to add . Fall is all about chunky sweaters , leather , suede , denim , and jackets . Black or beige straight leg pants , knit dresses and skirts are fun choices , and yes , you can wear white after Labor Day ; it ’ s what you pair with it that matters . Fun colors , prints and patterns like stripes , geometric designs and plaids are in fashion now . Think flannel and wool , leggings and tights . Scarves , boots , hats , and gloves are all accessories that add spice to your wardrobe , bringing added fun . Accessories don ’ t need to be expensive ; it ’ s amazing what a bold colored scarf on a black turtleneck can do to make a plain outfit look sensational . A string of pearls or a chunky gold or silver necklace can also add flair . A bright colored fedora can make an everyday outfit look polished and classy . Add a pair of knee-high boots and you ’ ve changed the look again . Oh , and don ’ t forget to change your blush and lip color to a much warmer palette , such as beige , dusty rose , creamy red or even a burnt orange . Color is everything in fall . weekend barbeque , or for a ride down the coast . Buy it , wear it , love it . You ’ ll be polished and full of spice .
Now go home . Your day is done . Light some pumpkin spice candles , start a fire ( or turn the gas on ) and stick a meal in the oven . Fall is all about soups , stews , braised meats , and casseroles . Apple crisps and pumpkin pies can make any house smell heavenly — even if the scent is just from a candle for those of us watching our calories ! String some orange mini lights on your house plants , scatter some leaves and pumpkins on your dining table , and you ’ ve created a warm and welcoming yet simple décor for your home without breaking the bank .
Now for the biggest fall treat of all — a fabulous cocktail . You deserve it . Mocktails for the non-drinkers can be just as fancy and can do wonders for the soul . Here ’ s my son ’ s recipe for the traditional “ Old Fashioned ”— our family fall drink .
2 oz of bourbon ( We like Woodford Reserve ) ½ oz simple syrup 3 drops Angostura orange bitters 3 drops Woodford Reserve aromatic bitters 1 large ice cube Stir well . Add a lightly expressed orange peel and a Luxardo maraschino cherry . The spice you add to your life makes it fun !
Men can follow this rule as well , by taking your basic black or brown pants and spicing them up with plaids , stripes , and warm bright and bold colored shirts . Layering is great with vests , cardigans , jackets and three-quarter length coats . Ties , pocket squares , belts , and scarves can add that autumn zest . Loafers , suede shoes , and leather ankle boots can make a man ’ s fall fashion look . Makeup and pearls aside , a great moisturizer and chapstick are a man ’ s best friend after the drying effects of summer . Don ’ t forget to moisturize your neck !
Both women and men should strive for a cozy , comfortable , and functional feeling . Search your closets ; you ’ ll be surprised by what you already have . Puffer jackets are still in for 202 , as well as cargo pants . Browns , blacks , navy , beige , eggplant , burgundy , green , red , gold , orange and rust comprise the fall color palette . The spice is up to you .
Here ’ s another look for both men and women : A pressed pair of dress jeans , a crisp white shirt , a warm colored cardigan or jacket and a Panama-style fedora with a pair of loafers . This outfit is universal . It can be worn to work on dress down Fridays , for travel , for that
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