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Don t Ignore These Warning Signs of Burnout

By Sean Dinsmore Data by CAR


look around , and I see a lot of fatigue in people ’ s eyes these days . Our world has been in flux during the pandemic , with uncertainty and adaptation being the only constants . From changes in work , school , income , and health matters , to name a few , it ’ s no surprise that we all look so much more battle-worn than normal . I ’ ve even seen the unfamiliar expression of defeat in the face looking back at me in the mirror lately . For those of us fighting , battling , and working our butts off to make it through these unsure times , we have likely not paid attention to our own health . So let ’ s talk about burnout , something I have personally encountered many times , as a multiple business owner with too few employees and too many responsibilities .
The World Health Organization ( WHO ) defines burnout as an occupational phenomenon . It ’ s included in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases , but it ’ s not classified as a medical condition . Still , the Mayo Clinic says that ignored or unaddressed job burnout can lead to some major health problems including fatigue , heart disease , high blood pressure , Type 2 diabetes , and vulnerability to other illnesses . It can also increase negative emotions such as sadness or anger , and contribute to alcohol or substance misuse . Basically , official medical condition or not , you want to pay attention to your work / life balance to avoid burnout .
According to the WHO , job burnout results from chronic workplace stress which can include overworking , poor communication with superiors or colleagues , inefficient workflow practices and more . Symptoms can show up as feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion , increased mental distance from one ’ s job or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one ’ s job , and / or reduced professional efficacy . People on the verge of burnout endure emotional exhaustion , do not feel like they can really connect with others , and may even stop caring about their own well-being . Others can experience strong irritability , a dread for going to work , and disillusionment about their job .
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When burnout starts impacting your life , you need to take swift action :
• Schedule breaks : Don ’ t wait to address burnout — it needs immediate attention .
• Don ’ t keep it a secret : The Mayo Clinic recommends checking in with your mentor or supervisor to talk about expectations and set reasonable goals while you recover .
• Prioritize sleep : Restoring your well-being with regular , restful sleep can do wonders for your overall health and happiness . Get active . Choose to regularly run , swim , walk , lift weights , do Pilates or otherwise mix it up . Relieving stress with physical exertion can do wonders to get your mind off stress .
• Study what stresses you out : and learn tools to help you be resilient . “ It ’ s not about being tough or impervious ,” says Bonnie Paul , Ph . D ., personal coach at Inner Leverage Point . “ It ’ s about the ability to bounce back from a challenge , to be flexible and buoyant .”
When I reach the point of physical , mental , and emotional exhaustion , I need to take a day or two to myself to completely recharge . This may not be in the cards for every person out there , but I can assure you , there is a way for you to get away from it all , even if it ’ s for just most of one day . The world will go on without you for 12 hours , I assure you . So when needed , step completely away from everything . You can ’ t provide for others if you are burnt out .
Article excerpts from California Association of Realtors , Lee Nelson
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