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Better Health ... it ’ s yours for the taking ! Five things you can do
1 . Walk : Whether its down the street , around the block , or anywhere in our local area . new to walking ? Start with a short distance and build from there !
2 . Hydrate : Most of us don ’ t drink enough water . as a result you may feel sluggish at times . Grab a glass or bottle of water to perk up and get the hydration your body needs !
3 . Stretch : Ever pull a muscle while tying your shoe or cramp up while reaching for the top shelf ? get into the habit of light strtching daily . 5 to 10 minutes of stretching makes a world of difference and can save you a pain in the ... back or other part of your body !
4 . Join a Friend : The world is opening up ! While we still need to be dilligent about personal space and hygine , join a friend over coffee or other beverage - just to have fun and catch up in person !
5 . Get Creative : Write a poem or encouraging letter to a friend or loved one , learn to draw or paint , take up a new a craft , play a musical instrument , etc . Its a no-judgment zone ! You are free to let your creativity soar !
Do one or more of these and start to feel better today .
- To your health !
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